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Jai Sriram
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Jai Sriram

Jai Sriram, 3.6 out of 5 based on 9 ratings

Jai Sriram is the Action and Romantic Telugu film. Direction by Balaji N Sai and production by Tella Ramesh. Music composed by Dake, camera Mens Akkineni Venkat and Arif, art is by Bhaskara Raju, lyrics written by Varaprasad. Uday Kiran played the lover boy characters so far. For the first time, he appearing in an action hero role now. This is the first film which is liked very most in Uday Kiran’s 12 years career in the film industry. Total film industry hoping that this film would take a twist towards success with this film. Definitely it will give another break in Hero’s career. Chalapathi Raa, M S Narayana,  Nagineedu, Reshma, Thagubothu Ramesh are in supporting leads.

  1. Krishna says
    April 12, 2013, 3:44 pm

    wonderful uday kiran.

  2. sanjeev says
    April 12, 2013, 4:01 pm

    I watched Jai Sriram – this was one I watched but came out with disappointment. The only positive was Uday. He has matured, become fitter and changed everything about him to fit the role. He has probably worked hardest for this movie…. he never had to do anything in any of his prvious lover boy movies… all he had was bring out his acting skills and flash his drop dead smile. His face did rest of the magic that had the entire state swooshing.

    In jai sriram, Uday Kiran has evolved as an actor. I remember Director K.Balachander compare uday kiran to Aamir Khan in one of his speeches…. do not remember where or when, but I fully agree with KB’s comment. Yes, it looks like a far off sho when you hear it first – I would have laughed out loud too… but the parallels can be drawn.

    Jai sriram posters and stills were excellent. So wy did the movie disappoint… one word – the Director. Miserable clueless guy who was not even fit for directing a TV serial. WHAT THE HELL WAS HE THINKING? He could have made a great movie out of just showing Uday the way he deserved to be shown. The few scenes in which Uday was shown not fighting were dull… Uday was obviously asked to keep a grim face right thru, but the body language was great at some places…. and uday excelled at any chance where he could show his acting skills – subtle… confident.. fit… It reminded me of Nana Patekar in his first movie Ankush…. Uday was unusally dark and tanned… the look was perfect for his police avatar, but the director made a mess of the plot, screen play, direction and editing. I am sure even I could have done a great job…. all I had to show was Uday Uday and more of Uday.

    ok enough about the movie… just end it with a few good things to look forward from Uday….

    We have seen a lot of hot bodies… SRK, Aamir, Arya all had great bodies. Uday does not exibit the steroid type, Mr world type ripping muscles and 6 packs that turns us blue… his make over and change is more towards looking fantastic fit and great. good arms, great build and nice posture.

    This movie may not be his best, but the change he made to himself will pay off for him in future.

    Uday is a good, calm nice guy… he probably does exactly what the director tells him to do and never intervenes in any other aspect of the film. It is time Uday took up films more seriously… the movies are made on him… his reputation gets tarnished by bad directors… He should insist on good directors and better still be involved or even ghost direct movies like Aamir did…. that is what made aamir what he is today.


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